Tuesday, February 23, 2010

once again, mr. avary.

***cue romantic, expectant piano. makes you feel like something is coming

stop the press, everything a mess,
you can look alive but you are not at rest...
and ideas are flowin through your headamillionmilesanhour while lying in your bed a lucid life you never though you'd lead

you're workin everyday, are you workin just to bleed?
i know, i know i know i know i know.

starin at the names of the famed that are dipped in gold...
you're feeling you deserve what you heard, but it doesn't go that way....

the tongues of men and angels i speak but lack love
workin everyday i'm afraid i forgot to show what's most important.


here i am.
dear Lord! tasting hints of fame... i don't want it anymore if it's not you that i gain
wanna fall at your feet, don't wanna fall from your peace, i understand.

have you ever been the man that ran when you knew that god was talkin?
have you ever heard his voice through the noise and just let it drift away?

the tongues of men and angels i speak but lack love
how come i go with mine instead of yours when yours is always right?
i'm sorry
just pour into me


here i am!!

dear Lord! tasting hints of fame... i dont want it anymore if it's not you that i gain
wanna fall at your feet, dont wanna fall from your peace.
i understand.

heart at rest
is harder now, don't let it go away.
hard earned pay or hard earned pain, right now they're just the same
what's the use, why work so hard, when it's not what you crave?
when what you need is



this song is clearly about God, when listened to. but i think when i was writing it down, while listening i mean, i managed to make it about something else at times. not on purpose. it's just how it felt when i was writing it down. it was supposed to be a direct "from my ears to the page" interpretation. i just needed to get it down.
there's the magic of music once again.
PLUS the magic of punctuation.
plus the magic of this man, doing what he loves.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


valentine's day

makes me long for your kisses
back in the day

Sunday, February 7, 2010

i just can't help but love it.

you wanna know what i love?

i'm driving in my car with the music going full blast. i look over at a stop light or i see someone out of the corner of my eye, running on the sidewalk. their headphones are in. my speakers are pounding.
they don't know i'm there.
they are into their music, probably feeling the beat of their feet on the pavement matching the music.
or not matching it.

but at any rate, i suddenly notice that
their feet are matching MY beat.

they run to the beat of my music without even realizing it.
they don't even know that we are connected, even just for that minute.
isn't that amazing??

some people probably think this is stupid
and maybe insignificant.

but to me,
this tells me that there are ways that we are all connected to each other and sometimes the world is maybe just maybe trying to tell us that.
"don't forget, you're connected."

it's a beautiful thing.