Saturday, October 20, 2012

nature ramble

i needed to be in the mountains today.

it's strange how badly i needed it and how long it took me to get there.
i forget
how truly amazing it feels
to be part of all that.
teeming with life, with brilliance and the reflection of the sun in my eyes.
just like the water, rippled with the wind kissing its surface.
i forget, but then it dawns on me
that at the end of the day,
the sun is the only reason there is an end of the day.
king of the sky.
i forget that no matter how far away i feel from myself,
i'm made of the same stuff as
these rocks
these trees
this air.
this clean air.
and therefore, i am close by and all around.

these massive giant things shoot into the sky and overpower the city.
tower over humans
and trees
and creatures and
civilization and
really anything that surrounds them.
but when i'm up there,
they surround ME.
they support me.
and we feel the same,
the mountains and me.

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