Thursday, February 28, 2013

yellow has always been my favorite color. since the first grade.

i am fascinated by the sun    light coming through the trees

lately and always i suppose

and when it changes to moonlight i am in equal wonderment

there's something so delicate and simple and beautiful about the way the light fights.
i mean really
it can't make it through some's a gift when it can.

trees and mountains are glorified by the golden light, masters of strength plunging into the sky from the ground, catching hints of heat and breaking the sun among their surface

 or turned to dark twisting towering things
depending on where you stand
whichever side, shade or sun

if the sun shines but nobody feels it, is it really happening?

it's all about perspective
it's all about where you stand.

when i see the sun and behold its power, i feel a part of something bigger.

i think i am the sun
i think i am golden and free and flighty and fighting
and, depending on where you stand, you may see my brilliant shades or you might see my own personal gray scale.

and at the end of the day, i know who my trees are and i know i have my own mountains.

because they are the ones willing to witness both sides
they are the few and far between
happy to see me for what i am at my hours in shadow and at my moments of pure illumination, along with the variety of whatever's between.

these are the souls in my life i cannot be without
they are the ones who do not shy away from storms when i am fighting to come back and dry up all the rain

they weather them with me until the sun rays return.
my rocks.

i think the sun would thank us all if it could

for if the sun shines but nobody feels it, is it really worth it?

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