Friday, March 22, 2013

i almost drowned in a wave pool at raging waters when i was young

it's so easy to forget those
near death experiences

we've all had 'em

bad car accident.                                  
almost hit by a bus.
spinning out on the freeway in snow.

and right after it happens we tend to go to this place,
this more-commonly-unfamiliar-than-familiar place
where we're more grateful than we used to be.
grateful to just be alive.
feeling gratitude for the cold air and embracing the snowflakes when we wake up the next morning.
we're breathing easier
because our lungs still work
and we constantly say/think cliche things like
"treat life like the precious gift it is, because any day it could be taken away from you"
"you only live once"
"dance like nobody's watching"
"carpe diem"
"ya know, it really put things in perspective."
and really,

because tell me this, how long did it take to start bitching about the weather?
after the fact, i mean.
how long did it take to start finding everything going wrong in our lives?

a couple days? maybe?
it's like we can't help it.
what a waste of time.

some people, some creatures, will experience their last moments today.

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