Friday, May 3, 2013


sometimes, it's like i'm two people.

part 1
i just wanna lounge around and
write all day
read great books and
learn how to play the guitar. more.
i want to wake up when i want,
usually early,
go on a hike,
or maybe a run,
and start my day off the way i see fit.
i want to have time to make beautiful meals.
see a movie by myself.
i want to just stay here, my home, and
the breathtaking beauty that surrounds me
in all directions.
to explore it.
i want to love and wander with
my friends
my family of choice
and go to our favorite restaurant for dinner and beer.
i want to
find new lovers
and cuddle with them
but definitely
kiss them because
i like to kiss.
and we will talk about
the ways of the world..
because i won't really know the ways of the world.
but i will know the ways of mine.
and i want it to be so because
i choose it.

part 2
i want to pack up and go.
let me be free
can't beat me
i just wanna fly away from here,
bounding overseas to new places
new beautiful things are left unseen
but not anymore
not in part 2 me.
i want to eat and drink and adventure and live
like they do
who? you ask.
whoever. all of them.
broadway is out there
waiting for me to be there
and i want to be there.
i heard the eiffel tower is beautiful in may.
i want to learn about wine and pasta from the italians
(even though i hate wine)
because it just seems right.
i want to be in the midst of it all,
those gems few plan to see, and even fewer
stumble upon.
there's no plan other than
i want to climb over unfamiliar mountains...
never putting down roots in them.
take a plane, train, automobile to
wherever i see fit.
and run there
walk there
love there
live there
become me there
and everywhere.
the ways of the world
and become them.

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