Wednesday, August 7, 2013

i guess i'm just 23 going on 24

well i guess i'm still naÏve.

still a girl trying to just
and i've given myself that permission;
i officially am OKAY WITH THAT.
no one is ever 100%.

isn't life strange? people change, feelings and emotions come and go, and sure, we can't always know what we want or how long we'll want it.
but among all that change and back-and-forth...communication and honesty and respect stick around. they fuel our ability to stay genuine in relationships.
in my opinion.
keep it real, yo.

all i need is a little honesty.
alright, a lot.

when i tell you how i feel, i am not a bitch, i am not crazy, and i'm not making shit up.
vulnerability is a tricky thing because while being present with it on your side, (if you've trained yourself to somehow live in that place) you don't exactly feel it 
when things turn sour that taste of vulnerability betrayed is the worst thing to have in your mouth
like the time i accidentally ate up all the shit that you fed to me.

was it actually shit?
i don't think so, not at the time, to be honest.
i think you meant those things.
i think you chose your words with an alarming specificity and 
you read chapters and chapters
about my zodiac and "the nature of cusp virgos"
just so you could understand 
which body parts to touch
and at first i was like..."whoa..."
and then i was like..."wow..."

and i felt genuine that night on your roof
do you remember?
i made up my mind i was headed home away from you and your magnetic eyes
and then count 10 minutes later and i was on your roof.  

and when you asked,
"where did you come from?" there was a real wonder in your voice. 
i will never unfeel 
the way you looked at me.

there was no way your eyes were lying
because i saw it in them. it. that thing. you can just feel it, you just know.

it's other people telling me that i got played
others telling me not to trust and to doubt
and to constantly question whether he was real
because it's impossible that i found someone
who was actually THIS good and THIS real and THIS unexpected.

he's not perfect and there were flaws but i'm not perfect either and isn't that what life is about? figuring it all out as you go along?

i don't wanna give in to others anymore
and let them define my reality

i choose, i decide.

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