Saturday, August 31, 2013

so there's that

i miss you and
i hate that.

i have
all these words
that i
got to say and
i resent that.

i think
about you
sometimes and truly
do not understand
what happened
to us
to that thing
we were doing
i feel weird
about that.

i drive by
lucky 13
where we first went out
and i loved
being there
with you
and now
i see that patio and
i just see you,
it's ruined
and damn
that was a good burger so
i'm mad about that.

i saw a picture
of your baby
your boy
starting school
and i thought
"that little prince"
"dad must be aching today,
his baby is
growing up"
but i can't
reach out to you and
i'm just sad about that.

your kisses
so there's that.

i can't believe
you act like
this was one sided
or that
i cared less
until you cared less,
because to me,
this was even and
this is life
not mathematics
or science
or fucking
power plays and
i am a human being
not a superhero and
i hate to admit that.

i ask myself
"why do you care?"
"why do you even care?"
and i always expect
to talk myself out of it
but i don't,
i am at a stop sign
and then
i hear myself say
"because i am who i am,
and i
can't change that."

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