Saturday, September 22, 2012

rando rambling half marathon blog

from the pack

and just run

knowing that your lungs are strong
even more importantly,
your mind is stronger.

100% mental effort brings amazing things.

i thought to myself,
"this is where you need to be."
"this is what you need."
"it's about time you figure your shit out."

find your groove, find your rhythm.
one foot in front of the other, simple as that.
the road is unforgiving, as people sometimes are.
but these trees and this air is all that matters right now.

we can't always get it right the first time.

and we don't always have the answers in a timely manner.

but i think we know what to fight for, in our heart of hearts, deep down.
and we just gotta listen.

fear and worthiness go hand in hand, in that one prevents you from reaching the other.

i won't apologize for being myself, and i won't change myself to be who you need/think/expect me to be.

we're all a little weak sometimes, and we just want someone to understand.

no excuses.

it's time to be honest.

^^ just some revelations and reinforcements of the road. ^^

pushed myself to my limits, truly, in a way i never had.

"today, YOU are my hero."
"pain is temporary, pride is forever."
random strangers. words of encouragement that pushed me in my last 2.

i can't wait for my next half. marathon maybe maybe maybe in the future.
so proud.
so proud.
i can do anything.
so proud of myself.

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