Saturday, December 1, 2012

no paycheck

blush too easily:
too often
at any emotional response.

strange crimson phenomenon in my cheeks.
why do you do this and why can't i stop you?

cry too easily:
in public
behind closed doors
in bed
in cars
when singing
when acting
when thinking
when reaching inside my heart
or breaking some wall down
[because contrary to popular belief i have them...]
and it feels literal, crashing

trust too easily:
too fully
others are wary
so why not me?
no apologies
until it makes me feel sorry
but i grovel at my own feet
to ask for forgiveness
for loving so hard that it hurts

wearing my heart on my sleeve
is kinda my day job


  1. Have you ever seen the TedTalk on vulnerability by Brenne Brown? You should look it up, because then you'll realize that being truly vulnerable, like you are, is one of the best and most rare qualities someone can possess. Yet another reason why i have endless amounts of respect for you.

    1. it's my favorite Ted talk in existence :) other than her second one. They are tied. Thanks Al, I love you very much. I'm overjoyed that you put me in the category of those living vulnerably. I completely embrace the idea that loving and living big is a beautiful thing. Vulnerability allows me to feel the highest highs, but unfortunately it means that when I hurt...I hurt bad. And that's just what life is, a mix of all of it, right? Thank you so much for your amazingly kind comments. YOU are amazing :)