Saturday, September 21, 2013

eventually it happens

most epiphanies 
strike you 
three or four times before you realize there's actually quite a poignant reason why the same thought keeps landing in your
soul or
what have you.

every time I "have an epiphany" 
i usually follow with the thought " already knew that. you just weren't listening."

you can't control what others do.
all you can do is be yourself, 100% of the time, unfailingly so. 
and if someone can't vibe with that...with you....
and they don't appreciate the 
genuine shit
you are presenting to the world...
guess what? 
it's okay.
there are 7 billion people on this rock and within each of them is 
the potential to connect.
to learn from them.
to love them.
to see through them and walk in their shoes.
to understand them.
to be hurt by them.
to heal from the pain.
to be changed by their presence.
to hear their laugh.
to feel their smile and wonder at the color of their eyes.

and that......well that's just beautiful.

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